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GWO Basic Safety Training Basics - Onshore

The GWO Basic Safety Training standard was created as the safety standard for those working at height in the wind industry. It is globally recognized and ensures that any GWO-BST certificate holder has demonstrated safety skills to get access to a working site. The BZEE training providers additionally ensure that the training complies to the respective national legislations and safety standards.
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About the Training

Prévoir ses propres EPI (harnais équipé, gants, casque, chaussures de sécurité, lunette de sécurité), le prix est pour une session complète, possibilité de discuter les prix si inscription de 4 personnes ou de s'inscrire pour un module spécifique.

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JUSTY Ingénierie Energies
8 rue du 19 mars 1962
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