TRA 04


Telescopic Truck Drivers' License Refresher

This module improves and expands all the necessary knowledge and skills for operating floor conveying vehicles with a telescopic fork lift. On successful completion of the theoretical examination an appropriate entry is made in the forklift driving licence. If the customer so wishes, local conditions can be taken into consideration. Validity of certificate is 1 year, if participant regularly uses a telescopic forklift truck.

Learning Outcomes




Assessment Method

Additional Information about the Module and the BZEE Standard for Training Providers

Number of Trainers
Theory 1, Practical 1

Trainer Requirements
At least 2 years experience as forklift and telescopic forklift truck driver, Approved instructor in line with the German trainer aptitude ordinance

Equipment Requirements
Telescopic forklift truck, Flat euro pallets, Euro lattice box pallets, Track barriers

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