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BZEE Academy

As a pioneer in wind energy training, the BZEE Association founded the BZEE Academy GmbH (BZEE) in 2000. Its aim was to fill the qualification gaps within the wind energy sector. Thus, the BZEE industry initiative was launched. Through the BZEE network, BZEE offers a range of skills-focussed training programmes worldwide.

The BZEE network is active at more than 30 locations worldwide where they offer wind energy-specific qualifications. To date, the network has trained more than 3,800 highly qualified wind turbine service technicians and more than 18,000 skilled workers from the industry have taken part in BZEE working at heights safety and rescue training, which is continuously updated to the latest requirements. All necessary wind-specific skills are taught comprehensively through practical training and continuous dialogue with BZEE stakeholders.


We provide the wind industry with the best trained professionals for the production, installation, commissioning as well as service and maintenance of wind turbines. As a reliable partner of the industry, we thus make an important contribution to the process of energy transition.


We aim to build a global network of training centres that can provide the wind industry in all relevant markets with the urgently needed professionals. Our goal is to offer optimal training solutions for all technical qualification requirements at the highest methodological and didactical level.

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